Jefferson Sprinkler, Inc.
Serving the Community For Over 40 Years

Local and national media report daily on disastrous fires that destroy businesses and institutions. The resulting property destruction is unfortunate, yet more devastating are the loss of lives or severe injuries that can occur to the occupants.

If your business is contemplating any new construction or remodeling, Jefferson Sprinkler, located in Gretna at 1903 Hancock Street, phone (504) 362-0198, would like to discuss with you the benefits of a fire sprinkler system. Fire officials throughout the country have, for many years, recommended sprinkler systems for many types of businesses as well as municipal buildings and health care facilities. The experts at Jefferson Sprinkler will gladly discuss the system and help you select the one best suited to your needs. They also provide routine maintenance and service.

The costs or repairs following a fire are generally extensive, but there is no price that can be placed on the value of human life. A sprinkler system from Jefferson Sprinkler is an investment in the safety of your business and its occupants that will more than pay for itself through lower insurance premiums, reduction of damage and injury in the event of a fire, but most importantly, in your peace of mind!